Name of the Stone       : SPECKLE BROWN
Material Clasification    : SANDSTONE
Country of Orgin           : INDIA
Sizes Possible            : 20x30cm/8x12inches
                                  : 30x30cm/12x12inches
                                  : 30x60cm/12x24inches
                                  : 40x40cm/16x16inches
                                  : 60x60cm/24x24inches & Up

Thickness                   : Avaliable from 10 to 35mm
Surface                      : Natural only
Products                    : Tiles, & Crazy peices
Edges                        : Machine cut only


30x30cm tiles of SPECKLE BROWN showing colour varation and pattern.

Note :- Although every effort has been made to reproduce stone color, grain, texture as best as possible, technological limitations in computer generated images, as well as individual computer monitors, affect final rendering. Photos presented in our web site should be used as a guideline only, and not as final determination in stone selection.

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