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Stone Products - ROOFING TILES

Stone roofing tile is a stone tile, for using in roofs. Generally tiles are placed in parallel rows, in such a manner that each row overlaps its penultimate row. These are designed (a) For providing structural support to place, (b) For controlling water ingress, air and heat flow, and (c) For providing protection to beneath surface.

Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles
K-Blue Limestone Roofing Black Roofing Slate
Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles
Black Slate Green Sandstone Roofing
Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles Stone Products Roofing Tiles
Roofing Tile-Grey Roofing Roofing
  • Finish:

    Both sides natural split surface finish

  • Edges:

    All edges to be hand dressed

  • Size:

    Any combination of sizes in a particular series

    • Series 1: 275x275, 550x275, 550x412, 550x550, 550x687, 550x825, 550x1100mm

    • Series 2: 280x280, 560x280, 560x420, 560x560, 560x700, 560x840, 560x1120mm

    • Series 3: 300x300, 600x300, 600x450, 600x600, 600x750, 600x900, 600x1200mm

  • Shape:

    Top Rounded and 3 sides straight

  • Packing Specifications:


    • No. of Pcs. Per crate: Depending on size & thickness, each size packed in individual crate

    • No. of Crates per container: 22-32, depending on container mix

    • Weight: Roughly 75 Kg. per m2 (25-35mm), 50Kg per m2 (17-23mm), 65 Kg. per m2 (20-30mm)

    • Quantity: One 20' container will contain 3120 pcs. Weighing 25-26 MT gross.

    Available Stones:


    • Sandstone (All sandstone colors except Teak, Rainbow)

    • Limestone (Blue, Brown, Grey, Black)


Stone Onyx

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