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Project Packs
Also known as Patio-packs, these are basically assortment of different sizes in a single crate. Usually stones are packed in single size in a wooden crate, they are graded as per size during packing. But in case of project packs, 4 to 6 different sizes with fixed number of pieces are packed together in a single crate. The mixing of sizes and their quantity per crate is decided based on the laying pattern for a general/common laying area. This enables the end consumers to pick 'x' no. of crates for the area they need to lay and also achieve the laying pattern. It also makes the job easier for landscaping suppliers and garden centers who retail the stones to end consumers.

We make several different project packs based on specific requirement of landscaping suppliers and garden centers. A Few examples are as under:
  • 900mm x 600mm x 9pcs
  • 600mm x 600mm x 9pcs
  • 600mm x 445mm x 9pcs
  • 445mm x 445mm x 9pcs
  • 600mm x 292mm x 9pcs
  • 292mm x 292mm x 9pcs
  • Total 54 pcs per crate to lay an area of 14.63
  • 24”x24”x8 Pcs.
  • 24”x12”x16 Pcs.
  • 24”x18”x10 Pcs.
  • 18”x12”x21 Pcs.
  • 12”x12”x36 Pcs.
  • Total 91 pcs per crate to lay an area of 161.50 sq.ft.


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